Pakistan launches crackdown on illegal immigration, echoing US debate amid terror concerns

Pakistan’s government has launched a massive crackdown on illegal immigrants mostly affecting Afghan nationals, some of whom have left their home country during the Taliban retaking of Afghanistan. The government cites terror concerns that echo the ongoing debate in the U.S. about the potential connection between illegal immigration and violence. Islamabad said the crackdown against … Read more

How to forward a voicemail from any smartphone

Have you ever received a voicemail that was so funny, important, or interesting that you wanted to share it with someone else? Maybe it was a hilarious prank call, a sweet message from a loved one, or a crucial update from your boss. Whatever the reason, forwarding a voicemail is a great way to let … Read more

How SpaceX and commercial flight are opening a universe of possibilities aboard the ISS: Astronauts

Commercial spaceflight allows more people to get into orbit, more space-based research and provides scientists with more data for future trips to the moon and Mars, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) told Fox News. “Now we start to see a lot of government astronauts from smaller countries that don’t necessarily have a well-established … Read more

Hamas trying to sneak injured fighters out among civilian evacuees: US official

Hamas is attempting to sneak militants out of the Gaza Strip among evacuating civilians. A senior U.S. official confirmed that wounded Hamas combatants were quietly placed on evacuation lists alongside injured Palestinian civilians. This revelation has complicated evacuation efforts that began not long after the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel. People with foreign passports … Read more