Preventing mass shootings with AI detection: Navy SEALs-inspired invention

Maine, a state often admired for its serenity and scenic beauty, recently witnessed an unimaginable nightmare. Robert Card, an assault rifle-carrying gun instructor with documented mental troubles, gunned down 18 innocent people. The 40-year-old suspect was found dead two days later after an intense search by law enforcement. As families and communities mourn the loss, … Read more

How to dig up dirt about yourself online

You know by now you should keep the private things in life off the internet. Your middle name, job, city, pet’s name, the school you went to, your spouse’s name, the ages of your kids, your shoe size — the details a scammer or hacker would love to have. A popular new TikTokker is proving … Read more

No driver, no problem with this revolutionary camper

Are you one of those people who would consider going camping if you didn’t have to rough it too much? You might be more of the “glamping” type. That’s where the Pebble Flow all-electric camper comes in, although, this is not your ordinary camper. It can do just about everything for you, so you get … Read more

AI apocalypse team formed to fend off catastrophic nuclear and biochemical doomsday scenarios

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, bringing unprecedented benefits to us, yet it also poses serious risks, such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, that could have catastrophic consequences for the world.  How can we ensure that AI is used for good and not evil? How can we prepare for the worst-case scenarios … Read more

Fox News AI Newsletter: WH unveils executive order, requires companies share national security risks with feds

close Video Should we fear artificial intelligence? Connor Leahy touches on human skepticism of AI Connor Leahy advises whether humans should be fearful of artificial intelligence or not and where AI is expected to be in the future Welcome to Fox News’ Artificial Intelligence newsletter with the latest AI technology advancements. Subscribe now to get the … Read more