The Importance of Healthy Eating for Children

Healthy eating is crucial for the overall well-being, growth, and development of your child. It not only ensures their physical health but also reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers. Additionally, it contributes to their overall happiness and quality of life. To maintain good health … Read more

Britain’s King Charles III demands ‘urgency’ and ‘unity’ to address AI risk and tap into ‘untold benefits’

King Charles III addresses Bletchley Park AI summit British monarch King Charles III, in a royal message released on Wednesday, hailed the potential of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology and encouraged urgency in addressing the risks presented by it. (SOURCE: Royal Pool via Reuters) King Charles III of England has urged the world’s leading nations … Read more

Derailment damages close world’s longest rail tunnel until next September

Switzerland’s national rail operator said Thursday the world’s longest rail tunnel won’t be fully reopened to train traffic until next September, again pushing back the target date for repairs of damage caused by a cargo train derailment. The Swiss federal railway operator, known by its German-language acronym SBB, said the damage from the Aug. 10 … Read more

Australian woman charged with using toxic mushrooms to kill ex-husband’s parents, aunt

The host of a weekend family lunch at her Australian country home was charged Thursday with murdering her ex-husband’s parents and aunt with poisonous mushrooms and attempting to murder a fourth guest, police said. Police arrested Erin Patterson, 49, at her home in the Victoria state town of Leongatha, where her former husband’s parents, Gail … Read more

United Nations allowing Hamas to ‘literally get away with murder,’ expert says

The United Nations calling for a cease-fire after Hamas launched attacks on Israel last month shows the organization is an “abject failure,” according to a policy expert and former U.N. speechwriter.  “The United Nations was founded in the wake of the Holocaust, for the purpose of preventing atrocities and to maintain international peace and security. … Read more

Hezbollah leader praises ‘heroic’ Hamas terror attack, threatens to expand fight against Israel

Terrorist group Hezbollah is threatening to expand its fight against the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), praising the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack against Israel as “heroic.” Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech that the terrorist group has been involved in the conflict since the day after the Oct. 7 attacks that killed … Read more

Russia backs Hamas terrorists, calls Israel ‘occupying power’ that ‘does not’ have right to self-defense

Russia this week declared that Israel has no right to self-defense and labeled its would-be ally an “occupying power” in a move that undermines years of work from Jerusalem to improve its relationship with Moscow. “The only thing [the West] can muster is continued pronouncements about Israel’s supposed right to self-defense. Although, as an occupying … Read more