More ruins of ancient Roman port city found beneath Moroccan capital

Archaeologists in Morocco have unearthed more ruins of what was likely an ancient Roman port city located in present-day Rabat. Moroccan officials hope that the 1.2-square-mile site, Chellah, will further bolster the history-rich North African nation’s tourism industry. “It’s something that can interest everyone,” Youth, Culture and Communication Minister Mehdi Ben Said said of the … Read more

Burmese military junta promises retaliation against rebel forces that seized Chinese border towns

Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, the leader of Burma’s military government, said Friday that counterattacks are planned against successful ethnic rebel operations in the country’s northeast, according to state-run media. Maj. Gen Zaw Min Tun also conceded that three towns on the Chinese border have fallen to rebel control. “At this time, there are places … Read more

Belarus sentences independent news editor to 4-year prison sentence

Belarusian authorities on Friday convicted the chief editor of a prominent independent regional newspaper of “discrediting the Republic of Belarus” and sentenced him to four years in prison, as the country continues its crackdown on dissent. A court in Molodechno, a city in central Belarus, also ordered Aliaksandr Mantsevich, chief editor of the popular Regionalnaya … Read more

Veterans help Americans leaving Gaza: ‘Easier time getting people out of Afghanistan’

Evacuating Americans from Gaza amid Israel and Hamas’ war has been more challenging than most recent civilian rescue missions, according to a special operations veteran helping stranded U.S. citizens leave the region. “Quite frankly, we had an easier time getting people out of Afghanistan than we do out of Gaza,” said Alex Plitsas, a board … Read more

Nepal earthquake left at least 128 dead, dozens injured, prompting massive search and rescue effort

An earthquake that shook northwestern Nepal just before midnight Friday left at least 128 people dead and injured dozens more, officials said Saturday. Authorities said the death toll was expected to rise. Rescue helicopters flew into the northwestern region to help out and security forces on the ground were digging out the injured and dead … Read more

Average Palestinian in Gaza surviving on only 2 pieces of bread per day: UN human rights official

The average Palestinian in Gaza is living on just two pieces of Arabic bread, the Gaza director for the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said Friday, highlighting the humanitarian crisis and the dire rarity of resources residents are experiencing as the war between Israel and Hamas continues. Thomas White, Director of the U.N. Relief … Read more

Pakistan launches crackdown on illegal immigration, echoing US debate amid terror concerns

Pakistan’s government has launched a massive crackdown on illegal immigrants mostly affecting Afghan nationals, some of whom have left their home country during the Taliban retaking of Afghanistan. The government cites terror concerns that echo the ongoing debate in the U.S. about the potential connection between illegal immigration and violence. Islamabad said the crackdown against … Read more

How SpaceX and commercial flight are opening a universe of possibilities aboard the ISS: Astronauts

Commercial spaceflight allows more people to get into orbit, more space-based research and provides scientists with more data for future trips to the moon and Mars, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) told Fox News. “Now we start to see a lot of government astronauts from smaller countries that don’t necessarily have a well-established … Read more